Hypnolust – Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip XII)

I am your fortune

This next one is quite amazing and Heather does an incredibly hot job, entrancing her unsuspecting victim. Made to believe that she is a fortune teller who is only interested in turning her sexy young customer into her love slave. Heather foresees a beautiful women in her not so interested customer’s future. She guides the unsuspecting Taylor to look at her fluorescent light and her soft voice takes her deep down before she even knows what hits her. Heather seems to have learned a lot during her last two sessions and the way she entrances Taylor is compelling and real.

Taylor drops and has no choice other than to obey her new mistress. Again, Heather knows how to treat a love slave. First, she drives her slave crazy for lust, has her massage and lick as well as suck her feet and toes and then serve her. After cumming in her slave’s hand, she makes her drink her cum right out of her pussy. Of course her slave has to thank her for being allowed to do so. Taylor is forced to masturbate, suck fingers and experience intense and enslaving pleasures. Heather even puts her back to sleep and plays with her unconscious slave.

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