Please master let me cum

I am deeply entranced for my master

Like to watch a beautiful and very deeply entranced young girl slowly repeat mantras (long) while being placed in the zombie/sleepwalker pose, beg and plead to be allowed to orgasm, being helplessly driven to orgasm over and over, being “snapped” into deep trance while her eyes are checked for signs of remaining will, being mindlessly posed while staring into nothingness, being trained to orgasm when squeezing her nipples for us and of course being played with while “at rest”.

This one includes lots of limp body and foot play while she is rolled on her stomach, as mentioned, I love that ass and in combination with her feet, it is just the perfect angle. Of course that is not all. Did I mention the part where she is made to feel tied up and to orgasm by the Hitachi between her legs. Screaming hard orgasms, yes master and more.

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