The Cyborg experiment

Just like in the last segment, there is a whole lot of confusion, changes and wild twists going on in this one. Looks like Daniel and I are losing our assistants. All three of them go back and forth between being very sexual and being very confused. Of course we are trying our best to reprogram them, but there are still persistent traces of memory data remaining prior to the transformation. After a few more reprogramming attempts, there is a sudden transformation and it appears that there is now time to have some fun with our well programmed sex toys.

Looks like Daniel is the winner, Megan following her programming, starts to give the lucky guy and blow/hand job combination while I get to watch the other two making love. I am not complaining, the situation is certainly hot. We even get all three to masturbate and kiss but that is pretty much as far as it goes, The darn memory keeps coming back. This clip, as I mentioned, is action packed with all sorts of unpredictable developments and surprises – Super hot…




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