Please, please, please let me cum

Imagine three hot Latina girls screaming, squirming and begging to be allowed to orgasm. My suggestion that not only is everything possible in deep trance but it also makes them feel and experience everything a lot more intense than when they are awake, drives all three into blissful, uninhibited surrender. In other words, the girls are so excessively horny and the longer I let them wait for the orgasm the more they are willing to let go and experience their first uninhibited lustful surrender. Great obedience training. I don’t know whether you are still imagining but it is probably time to watch the clip and see for your self.




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  • Gecko 3 years ago

    Hi Hi not sure if you can re-upload the entrancement UK videos? The links dun work anymore

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      we can send through email but you should just pay 2 $ for each clip