Do not touch me, please, please touch me

Our three hotties are made to believe that they are the finalists in an erotic dance competition. Naturally, being competitors and all, they don’t really like each other and start trying to out do each other right of the bat. Strangely enough all three seem to be very horny and it seems to get worse every time they here the “click” and or their names. Now if you think that is strange how about the fact that they can not seem to touch their own pussies? It is almost like there is a force field which prevents them from touch their own pussy. I keep having fun with them by slowly but surely making them feel more and more aroused.

As expected at first they try to deny the whole thing, than start apologizing for being so unprofessional and finally they give up. Wait until you see what happens when they figure out that the only way to find relive, is to allow one of the other girls to touch their pussies. Naturally, Gloria tries to fight it for the longest time but eventually even she has to give in and let Megan do her thing to and with her. The girls had way too much fun with each other and I had to edit this segment a bit for time. Suggested by viewers.




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