No more Blowjobs

At first I thought it was just another repair job but when I saw her just sitting there repeating: “No more blowjobs” over and over, I could not help but wonder whether this was more than just a glitch in her system. What made it even more awkward was the fact that her very worried girlfriend Michelle seemed to have no idea about the fact that her obviously malfunctioning friend was a fembot. She kept talking about Amanda having a nervous breakdown and that I should help her. Michelle had no clue about her own identity either, which dawned on me when I mentioned the fact that I would have to open up Amanda’s rear panel in order to fix her. What are you talking about, opening her up?
To make a long story short, I was in quite a bit of a mess. I always knew that the T31F series fembot is not known for their reliability but they sure make beautiful dancers, strippers and escorts which is why I usually love going down to the local strip joint. Tonight, as I mentioned already, was different. Michelle kept running around like a chicken with her head cut off and there was no way for me to work on her friend Amanda with her being around. Yes, I know its not good for them to be turned off cold but I just did not see any other way than to do just that.

Finally peace and quite, except for Amanda’s slow and monotone repetitions of: “no more blowjobs”. Good as I am, it did not take me long to get both of them back up and the fun began

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  • The Dude 4 years ago

    Any way that you could upload Candle Boxxx videos from Hypnolust?, thx 4 the vids though