Hypnolust – Natasha Nice (Clip III)

No orgasm here

Natasha’s session has just started, well maybe not, but in her mind I just walked into the room. Somewhat embarrassed about the fact that she must have fallen asleep and roll off the couch, she starts to make small talk. All of a sudden though she seems to feel uncomfortably hot and starts to take off her clothes. Sorry but we can not have that here, at least not yet. Now that is what I call awkward. Believe it or not but it gets even worse. Being almost naked, her hands start to wander all over her body and sure enough end up between her legs. Sorry but we can not have that here, at least not yet.

Of course at some point the begging starts. Oh please let me masturbate. Being the nice guy that I am, I allow her to continue but no orgasms, please. What do you think happens next and why. Natasha also learns about the sleep trigger point in her soft little hand as played with a bit while asleep. Fun sensual, great close up of Natasha’s wet pussy, very awkward and confusing segment. In other words a great clip.

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