Hypnolust – Stephanie’s Clip VI

Fembots are not designed to be sprayed!

It looks like Stephanie’s husband forgot to tell her that the bug guy comes by every six months to spray the house. Well, that is what I do; I am the bug guy and most of my customers leave the key out for me so that I can do my thing while they are gone. I do not exactly remember how it happened but I must have been startled when she suddenly walked in on me and I accidentally hit the sprayer and got the stuff all over her.

It turns out that she is not only extremely beautiful but also very classy and after I explain the situation to her she becomes real nice and keeps reassuring me that everything is all right. I on the other hand, keep reassuring her that the stuff is supposedly not harmful for humans. I should have left right then and there, her behavior begins to slowly change and no matter how hard she tries, it becomes more and more obvious that something is wrong. Suddenly she says something about not being designed to be spayed and that was when it slowly dawned on me that she might be one of those too good to be true fembots. Just my luck, I had to break one of those.





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  • Alec Gunther 1 year ago

    2 things, glad to see that Tonya Hypnotized is back up again on this GREAT website and thanks again for picking my idea for the babysitter videos, it means a lot, FM.

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      You’re most welcome bro, I’m glad to hear that.