Ludella Hahn - The Brainwashing Box: Curiosity Conditions the Girls into Mindless Obedient Slaves

Sarah Michelle finds a mysterious box with a note attached to it that says “Anyone looking into this box will become a mindless obedient slave to the holder of the box.” She becomes curious of whether it is real or not, but of course is cautious about taking the risk of looking inside. While deciding what to do, Ludella walks in and Sarah quickly hides the note. “What are you doing?” Ludella asks. “Oh nothing, I just found this cool box.” She tries to bait Ludella by being nonchalant about it. “Oh, that is an interesting box. What’s inside?” “Oh, just some jewelry, gold and stuff.” “Can I see?” The trap has been set. Sarah’s curiosity has gotten the best of her and she’s willing to allow her friend to open it knowing full well what it might do. Ludella peers inside the curious box, which illuminates her face with wonder, and then suddenly she snaps into a straight up rigid stance with her eyes wide open. “Yes, Master. I will do as you tell me to.” “Holy ! It actually works! Um, take off your clothes for me.” “Yes, Master, I hear and I obey.” Ludella removes her clothes, showing off her curves and then returns to her position. Sarah tells her to put her arms in front of her like a zombie and walk around the room for her in nothing but her thong and high heels, repeating a mantra about being her obedient slave. Sarah is enjoying the power and control over Ludella. She orders Ludella onto her knees, but then Sarah’s boyfriend comes in (POV) and grabs the box from her. Sarah grabs it back and they get in a tug-of-war over the box. In the process, the box accidentally opens and Sarah’s eyes look to it magnetically, instantly putting her into the same entranced state as Ludella. Her boyfriend asks what’s going on and Sarah reveals to him the power of the box. Now knowing that he has control over both of them, he decides to have some fun. He tells Ludella to go stand next to Sarah and then he has Sarah strip down to her thong and heels, too. He has both girls walk around the room in their high heels repeating a mantra in unison of their mindless obedience to him, with blank stares on their faces. He has them do that for a while, then he orders them to sit on the couch. In unison, they sit down and place their arms robotically beside them. Then he opens the box again for them to see. Suddenly they return to normal. It broke them out of the trance. They rub their heads trying to regain consciousness, and once they find themselves naked, they become embarrassed and shocked. Ludella quickly hides herself. She’s embarrassed to be naked in front of her friend and friend’s BF. “What the hell is going on? Where are my clothes?” Because Sarah had read the note, she figures out what’s going on and she gets pissed. “What are you doing looking at my friend naked? What do you think this is?” She goes on and on at him, and Ludella now realizes the box has powers, but while Sarah is yelling at him, he opens the box again to shut them both up. They snap right back into a mindless stare in their ready position. “I like you guys better this way,” he says, “I think I’m going to make you two my sexy maid slaves.” When the scene reopens, Sarah and Ludella are dressed in sexy maid costumes with cleaning implements. They are at the ready with their blank stares and open mouths, ready to obey his every command. He orders them to clean up the place. “Yes, Master. We will do everything you ask,” they say in unison, then they set to work cleaning the room. There are plenty of upskirt shots of their panties and curves as they clean. Wonder what else he plans to do with his new pair of mindless obedient slaves… What would YOU do?

Clip Includes: POV, Magic Control, Woman Following Orders, Female Training, Brainwashing, Reprogramming, Erotic Magic, Real Doll, Transformation, Zombie Walk, Trance, Entranced, Blank Stares, Mantras, Maids, Ludella Hahn, Sarah Michelle, Contains TOPLESS NUDITY


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