You are Mindi Minks son and she has invited you into her bedroom to talk.

Be a good boy and listen to your mom.

Mindi mink wants to talk to you about something important. She shows you her very special bracelet. She has you focused on the center of her bracelet, she is training your mind to bow to her will. She starts talking to you soothingly, she has you captivated by her.

She wants you to close your eyes and when you open your eyes you will be under her control.

She counts backwards from 5 when she gets to 1 you are 100% under her control.Upon awakening she has you cares her legs and her feet. She makes you worship her feet, her toes, and her shoes.

Very good son. Your mommies good little boy.

She exposes her breast to you making you worship her perfect big tits. You touch her breasts completely under her control. You have zero control over your actions.

She makes you stand up to examine her whole body. She wants you to notice that she has all white on.

You want to know why I have all white on son?

Because I am going to be your bride.

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  • Spoopy 4 years ago

    Hey I have a request: for a fetish video can you post the Taylormadeclips video called Mane ‘n Tail. Basically a woman uses horse shampoo and supplements and turns into a horse with a horse cock, kind of like the donkey one you had on here but better