Primal Fantasies – The Master Plan 2 (part2) – Makayla Cox and Eva Long

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Part2: The guy hypnotizes Mackayla with Eva being under his control as well. Makayla strips, then both suck his cock. Then he fucks them both and the scene ends in a shared facial.

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypnotized Neighbor Girls – Ludella and Nyxon

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Ludella and Nyxon are each hypnotized separately and then reprogrammed together by their neighbor. The are turned into his mindless slaves, unable to break free from their hypnotic trance. They are...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Three)

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This is one of my favorite clips. I make her come very hard while she is spread out in front of me. I just love watching that young beautiful body of hers quivering. After I make her feel me deep i...

Steve Steele – H Project 3 – H-Harmony

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Our story begins at the home of the beautiful Daisy Marie, who is looking for a boyfriend online at a dating website. She begins chatting via webcam with Steve, who induces her by reciting mesmer...

Primal Fantasies – Jessa Rhodes – Rival’s Wife Under the Influence

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Guys arrives at home, talks a while, gives Jessa some water to start the "influence". Starts touching her and fingering, then licks her pussy, Jessa gives a BJ and receive a fake cum facial. They...

Anton video – Disgruntled Former Employee – Daisy Marie & Promise

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Two extremely hot businesswomen are entranced and humiliated by an angry co-worker in this super sexy scene. First, executive Promise fires Frank for incompetence. To make matters worse, she give...

Primal Fantasies – The Master Plan 2 (part1) – Eva Long

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Eva is a top real estate agent and has come to Mr. Masters' home to look over a new listing. The homeowner tells her he is looking to sell everything in the house, including a family heirloom: a ...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Two)

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Alexa, my sweet eighteen year old patient First come Alexas first visit clip two: Alexa is now in a deep trance and I have her masturbate for me. She is learning very fast that following my voice ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Lucy Hypnotized 2

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Lucy's boyfriend is tried of her boring personality. He hypnotizes her with a pocket watch and turns her into a mindless stripper. Lucy obeys her master and slowly dances out of her clothes. Late...

Robot and Limp Videos – Cory Chase, Dava Foxx – Robot Milfs

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Scene One: Robot or no bot Dressed in high heels and their robot suits, Milf bots Dava and Cory walk into your living room awaiting commands. You activate their wife mode and watch as they come ...

Primal Fetish – Black Adams Vengeance – The Fall of Supergirl & Green Lantern

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A year ago Super Girl faced Black Adam, the superheroine was all but defeated when Green Lantern joined the fight and took Black Adam down. now Black Adam has escaped super-prison and GL is on hi...

The Velvet Dungeon – Slave Program Activated – Jada Entrancement 5

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Jada is back to be mesmerized again and I'm ready to start working on her slave programming. I first test the programming I gave her last session by using her slave trigger, "royal flush". She bl...

Primal Fantasies – Alexis Monroe – Time Stop

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The guy sees Alexis Monroe doing Yoga and stops time to feel her a little, next time he removes her top, then the pants and pose her a little. Later he makes her suck, fingers her and fucks her...

ludella hahn – Brainwashing the Gym Bitch

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Ludella has late night private use of the area gym that she has specially paid for, which she makes good use of, working her legs and butt on various machines...until POV arrives, much to her cha...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip One)

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Alexa is put in trance, and undressed

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Nerd Squad 2

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Koa is a computer specialist from the "Nerd Squad". She has been sent by Makenna to Mr. Baxter's house to fix his laptop, but little does she know that he has set a trap to ensare and convert the...

Primal’s Savage Tales – Enslaved by the Evil Alchemist (Alix Lynx, Lynn Vega)

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The evil Alchemist has been using his potions to reek havoc. Lethal Lynn has gotten the upper hand on him in his lair, but he uses his petrifying powder to freeze her in her tracks. He poses and gr...

Robo-Pimp – Luna Vera Controlled Pt 2

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This clip includes the following scenes: Yes Master In this short clip, we start off with LunaVera in her program state, as I intensely program her to respond to the word PLEASE with the phras...

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