Hypnolust – Christy Mack (clip4)

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Girls Gone Hypnotized – Victoria Converted

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Victoria is part of a team working on a military device that converts people into obedient robots - The Mind Conditioner 3000. With time running out, Victoria is scrambling to finish the machine befo...

Hypnopimp – Celine live part 2

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This is a never before published video set of Celine's LIVE show from back in the day.. Celine is a beautiful dark skinned brunette, that took to my PROGRAM very well. She goes down hard, and has no ...

Primal’s Fantasies – Bridgette B – The Photography Student

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The Photography Teacher would be the one to take the faculty year book pictures. But, Rion has come to have suspicions about Mr Master's favorite camera. Miss B is one of the strictest teachers in sc...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypnotized Hottie

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Our evil hypnotist has stumbled upon one of his hottest victims yet. He doesn't bother trying to convince her to let him hypnotize her, as she's far to hot to waste any time with. She's first put int...

Entrancement uk – Setina’s Slut Training DC

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Setina’s shoot was really fun. She’s naturally very submissive, which led to her calling me “Sir” in trance almost immediately. When asked to picture the perfect place to relax and obey, she pictured...

EroticTransformation – Supreme Commander of W.U.A.H.S – Nikky Thorne

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This is the Supreme Commander of W.U.A.H.S. Not only did she try to have Steve killed (see H Project 5) but she's also ruining his H-product business. Vowing revenge, Steve has tracked her to a secr...

Hypnolust – Christy Mack (Clip3)

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Hypnopimp – Alora Part 1and 2

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The clip contains the following scenes: Brain Clutter In this clip, alora is still stuck to our sofa and she is convinced that a ghost is doing it and messing with her by poking her in the ass and...

TheVelvetDungeon – Ally – Orgasm Slave Addiction Part 4

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"Sexy Ally is in the Dungeon once again. This time she is absolutely itching to wear her hypnotic slave collar. She can barely contain herself and insists I let her wear it. I make her ask me nicely,...

Primal Fetish – Huntress and Wonder Woman XXX

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Wonder Woman and Huntress roll around on the floor and then become sex slaves

50 Girls under Hypnosis

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50 women in hypnosis group, doing things they are not trying to do? If you desire hypnosis, it is Granted when transferred to the the will making women play freely. They want to fight but cannot ...

Mesmerix Video – I Hypnotized a Girl and she liked it! – Cassie Laine and Kiera Winters

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Kiera has just arrived in LA and when she learns that her old friend, Cassie, has just broken up with her boyfriend. Kiera has wanted Cassie to herself for as long as she can remember, and she wastes...

Ludella Hahn – Don’t Tell Mom I Brainwashed the Babysitter

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Ludella Hahn is the POV's bitchy babysitter who won't pay attention to him. He asks if he can mesmerize her. She says that stuff isn't real and they just do it on TV for pretend, but he keeps bothe...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – A Thing for Feet pt 5

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Khloe is about to head out for the evening when her evil stepmother, Hannah, stops her and instructs her to do her chores. Khloe refuses and continues to the door when Hannah stops her in her tracks ...

Hypnolust – Christy Mack (Clip 2)

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Cali Sparks – Cali’s Full Training Session

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PART ONE: Initial Conditioning Cali heard from some friends about hypnosis for specialized study techniques. She is having trouble with her grades and we show her a special technique to "train her m...

Kayla’s Eternal Dream – Business Partner Blackmails & Fucks Shy Wife

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Brunette clip star Kayla is always gorgeous as she plays a shy wife who is home alone with her husband's friend. She is sitting on the couch talking to his hot friend wearing sexy office dress, bra, ...

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