PrimalFantasies - Britney Amber - Training The Secretary
Britney’s boss has been making her work late a lot more than seems necessary. It is starting to cause fights with her boyfriend at home. Her boss feels like she should be much more relaxed around him, and enjoy the time they spend working together. He even shows her the beautiful necklace he bought to show his appreciation….Since it is just them, and the building gets so hot after hours Britney’s boss suggests she “dress down” and get comfortable.

As they work together Britney’s boss comments on her seeming stressed…maybe it is sexual tension, he suggests she masturbate to relieve the issue? Britney loses her temper, but her boss “changes” her mind, which goes blank as she makes herself cum over and over…

As Britney and her boss work together, she finds herself uncontrollably aroused. She secretly tries to satisfy herself without her boss noticing, but he does.

Her boss explains that he can help her with her sexual desperation but she refuses getting angry, until her boss again helps her see things differently, and gives her the mindless orgasms she desperately needs.

However after a bit Britney’s boss suggests that what is really wrong is that she is not being fucked properly at home. Now Britney is furious with her boss, but again, she is persuaded and cums while mindlessly being fucked.

Britney now has a totally new way of seeing things. She finds herself comfortably naked every night working after hours with her boss and sees nothing wrong with having her constant sexual need satisfied by him every night.

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  • Some Other Guy 4 years ago

    Hey man, thanks for the upload. You should know that I greatly appreciate each time a video is brought to this site.
    Also, if you’re looking for any ideas on what to add, I’d love to see the Primal Fetish video Night School on the site whenever you can fit it in the schedule.!Night-School-MP4-Optimum
    Thanks for both uploading and for considering my suggestion!

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      at this this moment our schedule is full of primal fetish releases but we’ll consider this one too

  • Why doesn’t this site or godfatherporn or clips4free put out their schedule, say, every month of the videos you plan on putting up? I would think that would stop the needless asking comments of will you put this up or when is this going up because we will know what you plan on putting up then… Is that a bad idea? Is there a reason you guys choose not to do that?

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      hey dear i understand what you’re saying and i totally agree with that but unfortunately we can’t act like this because a lot of content producers monitor here and another websites regularly if we announce our releases in advance they can report our links pretty easy and take our releases down in less than a few hours

  • chupa 3 years ago

    They seriously need to fix these videos. Most don’t work

  • chupa 3 years ago

    They seriously need to fix these videos. Most don’t work.