Entrancement UK - Ziva Knight Entranced

Entrancement UK – Ziva Knight Entranced

An unexpectedly awesome shoot with a real life ladyfriend who wanted to see for herself if she’d be a good subject for my style of training. So was she any good?

In short… Yep!

In long!? Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!

This was Ziva’s first time doing anything video / mesmerism / kink related, so I wasn’t sure what to expect up front. What I *got* was an amazingly receptive subject who’s warm-up trance turned into her stripping more or less naked within the first 10 minutes. Usually the intro comes first, but in this video, we didn’t get around to doing an actual introduction till the 25 minute mark.

As she’s never seen it done before, Ziva’s responses were a little unconventional in places and even took me by surprise. I’d simply suggest feeling extroverted, and she’d immediately wake and start undressing, or inversely, I’d suggest feeling shy, and whilst she’d been content to lounge topless a few moments earlier, she’d not even wait for a wake up command before bolting upright and trying to find something to cover her embarrassment with.

This shoot features an outdoor aerobics scene, a shower scene with some nice freezes and lots of shots of Ziva’s rather fine butt.


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  • john smith 7 years ago

    the entrancementuk ziva knight from sept13 is not working has it been working today and been taken off
    IS there a chance you can it can put back up on the website.

    • Fetishman 7 years ago

      good suggestions man, we’ll try to provide all of them

  • RobTist 7 years ago

    hello Man, thanks for the great work.
    do you by any chance have robo pimp’s Cherry Poppin Vivdeo?
    this is the link:
    there are three parts would be great to get it.

  • Martincp22 7 years ago

    Hi men,
    Could you please upload Leo from entracement UK, thanks

  • It’s not working on mobile

    • Fetishman 7 years ago

      we know about this issue, we are trying to figure out this issue

  • zacsmith 7 years ago

    can you reupload the robot takeover raw and uncut please

  • damn, wish I had found this site sooner… hope you can get SETINA, NICKY, BROOK and NATALIA back up… I really love them especially SETINA and NICKY… love tall and curvy women… daaaamn those videos got caught… shame

    • Fetishman 7 years ago

      don’t worry man, we will re-upload all removed videos on this site but it will take time, its not easy i hope you understand

  • Aghied 6 years ago

    It keeps saying (Error loading media: File couldn’t be displayed).Any help?

    • Fetishman 6 years ago

      please change your browser or download file through download bottom under video player

  • Is there any download link?

  • mother's fucker 1 year ago

    [0:00:30] Chat & Mini-Induction
    [0:08:30] Happier without clothes
    [0:11:00] Open and uninhibited
    [0:11:50] “I want to be outside”
    [0:12:15] I don’t need my bra
    [0:14:25] “I want to feel controlled and submissive”
    [0:15:25] “Yes Sir” Bowing for her Master
    [0:15:50] Filled with feelings of pleasure
    [0:17:00] Crawling over to be collared
    [0:21:00] Forgets being everything but my servant
    [0:21:30] “My name is… I know this one… erm…”
    [0:23:15] Make you a cup of tea? Of course!
    [0:24:45] Teamaking / Posing on command
    [0:25:45] Back to normal. Discovers herself topless in the kitchen.
    [0:26:30] Introduction (Backwards I know)
    [0:29:45] I can just click my fingers and… Sleep!
    [0:36:30] Self triggering begins
    [0:36:55] Compulsive Liar
    [0:42:00] Honking her boobs
    [0:45:30] Secret Flasher (Aware & Mischievous)
    [0:47:30] Strips on command (Unaware)
    [0:51:00] Compelled to wiggle her butt
    [0:53:00] The Emporer’s New Clothes
    [0:54:30] The Shy Girl & The Extrovert
    [1:00:00] Feline Mannerisms
    [1:07:30] Gloves with a mind of their own (A silly, sexy mind!)
    [1:11:30] Possessed Stockings too!
    [1:15:00] Compelled to strut her stuff
    [1:16:30] Sleeping Frozen Flyaround
    [1:20:00] Slow Freeze
    [1:27:30] “It’s too warm, I want to be naked”
    [1:32:00] Topless & Statuefied in the garden
    [1:35:00] Topless Garden Aerobics
    [1:37:00] Sexy Shower with Freezes & Arousal
    [1:46:00] Closing trance
    [1:47:45] Closing Chat
    [1:51:00] END
    [1:52:00] Mesmer-Hound Outtakes