Hypnolust – Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip Two)

I follow and obey you master

I will try to keep the description short because there is no way that I can describe all of the hot action throughout each and every clip.

Needless to say after making them feel each other’s touch (without it actually happening) and slowly bringing them to orgasm, it is time to take it up a notch. Both are “snapped” even deeper until their hazy eyes roll back and then driven up the wall without being allowed to cum. Trying to describe their screaming, quivering and shaking little bodies during all this is not possible.

Finally, after learning that their young bodies are merely instruments of my training and that their minds are melted and willing, they are brought to orgasm. It gets really intense and both of our horny girls slide of the couch and their quivering bodies end up on the floor. Still all just warm up. Now we have to take a closer look at their almost naked bodies while they are just standing there with their staring into nothingness.

For the main event, Alexis is frozen into a statue and it is JC job to not only bring her to orgasm for me but to also break her will. Alexis helpless body trembles under JC skilled hand and eventually she is brought to orgasm on my command. Still there is more. Next we get to enjoy watching the girls bring each other to orgasm under my supervision. Again, those are just a few highlights. Lots of OH GOD orgasms, rolling and flickering eyes, yes masters, slow repetitions and..

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