Hypnolust – Emmanuelle London (Clip Four)

Feel how good it is to have a master

Oh my god, I surrender master

I can feel how you make me cum whenever you want to master. Emmanuelle’s beautiful green eyes are wide open as she stares into the abyss. Her sexy young body slowly starts to shiver and shake again as she is learning that the degree of her intense lust is entirely up to me. Again, I want her to feel and know that her movements are controlled and that she orgasms for me whenever I order her to do so. I think you agree that girls who like to be in control have to first learn to be obedient and pleasing. Repetitions of “I have no control” certainly helps Emmanuel feel her helplessness and the impeding surrender. Just like before,

Emmanuelle goes from mindlessly entranced and zombielike to intensely orgasmic depending on my suggestions. She keeps repeating that she has never been orgasmed like this before and her shivering body makes it very clear that she feels exactly that. Of course there is a lot more intense training to cum, oops, I mean come. Put on all four and made to crawl, Emmanuelle finds out that surrender is not an option and the breath controlled orgasms teach her that slaves orgasm whichever way their master wants them to cum. Lots of yes masters, open eyed empty stares, crawling, kneeling, slow mantras, deeply felt “Oh my Gods”, repetitions like “I surrender”, sleep walk/zombie pose and, and, and… Watching a beautiful girl like Emmanuelle unconditionally surrender until she is extremely hot.

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  • Hugh Mongoose 1 year ago

    I don’t have Adblock on because I’m on mobile but it won’t let me watch the video

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      Sorry bro, Issue was on video hosting provider, it has been fixed now.