Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Seven)

Landlord needs obedience training

Gracie, my sexy yet very bitchy landlord is fuming about the condition of the apartment after only one year of me living there. The idea that I am moving out without fixing, painting and cleaning it properly seems to upset her more than I could have imagined. Anyway, I think I am done cleaning besides, I think she talks too much and not liking my fembot collection really makes me want to turn her into a mindlessly programmed robot.

Of course that is ridiculous, nobody can do that to her! Oops, here we go; Gracie in the midst of her speech about how she would never go for that snaps at attention and all she knows how to say is, “I am a robot”. Much better, don’t you think? Now it is time to deactivate her personality and will, make her clean do some much needed cleaning, while wearing those sexy pantyhose, masturbate herself to orgasm while standing up, salute, spank her own ass, bend over the couch while being orgasmed again, repeat my orders in a slow and robotic manner, pinch her nipples and ….

You all know by now that there is always so much more excitement going on in all the clips and that it would be impossible to describe all of it. So go ahead and watch the taming and programming of our bitchy landlord. Towards the end, we have her come back thinking she is the iron minded landlord and it seems like she still has not quite learned how to properly behave and hat makes me….

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