Hypnolust – Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip VI)

I am so wet, thank you for controlling me master

This segment starts with the girls telling me how wonderful the session felt so far and that they are ready for more. OK, we can certainly do that. After a brief deepening, I have them make love to each other with their eyes wide open. Deeply entranced, Heather and Taylor, start to finger each other’s pussies. I can feel their growing arousal and decide to take them even deeper. With their eyes fixated on the light shaker, the girls are now ready to relinquish the rest of their own will.

All they seem to feel is lust for each other and the more they let go the more intense they seem to feel it. Mantras like “please train me master”, “take all of my mind”, seem to drive them even more nuts. Driven to the brink of their orgasms and then kept there for a while, the girls seem crazy for lust. Their eyes are wide open and roll into the back of their heads. Finally allowed to cum, both are thanking me for allowing them to orgasm. Send to their knees, the training now intensifies. This one is certainly for our mantra lovers.

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