You are the CUTEST of them all

Want to see a “Superheroine” turn horny bimbo/slut who likes it up her ass? Or maybe who prefer her being frozen while offering her ass and pussy or you might even like it all.

Izmargad, who believes to be Supergirl finds out the hard way that besides me and her nobody seems to have shown up for the Superheroine convention. Of course she does not believe that I am even a superhero in the first place. In fact, she seems to believe that I am just a charlatan with no powers what so ever. Things change quickly though when she cannot seem to resist eating those delicious looking strawberries I had “prepared” for her.

Despite my warning, she munches away and suddenly everything changes. Seems like she is not only horny and insatiably lusty but also crazy about me. OH god, listening to her going on about wanting to suck my dick makes it almost impossible to resist. Things get even steamier when she starts to strip, masturbate and beg me to give it to her. Needless to say, things change immediately when I snap my fingers and she becomes aware of what she just did.

Watch and enjoy her being going from offering me her pussy and eventually her ass to being shocked and embarrassed about her own behavior. Things get even worse when she becomes aware of the fact that she has just offered me her ass while her body is bend over the couch and frozen stiff. Will she get it? There is way too much going on to describe it all but believe me, watching her turn into a horny slut with no brains and then snap back into being the man hating Superheroine who seems helplessly trapped is really hot.

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