Belly dancers are no Harems-slaves, Sir

This next segment was actually perfect for Izmargad. As it turned out, she had taken belly dance classes in the past which makes her dance in this one really hot. I had no idea about any of this but when we talked afterwards, she told me how much she loves to belly-dance.

Of course there is a lot more going on than just a hot belly dance. For example, we get to enjoy the “hypno ring” transformation, sleepy as well as aware foot action, orgasm training while being made to feel stuck to the bed post and of course limp body play, eye checks and more. Really hot.

Izmargad, who believes to be the entertainment for my annual hypno party, does not seem to agree with my point of view that belly dancers make perfect Harems slaves and it seems like she would prefer me to shut up. Anyway, it a long story but as you all know, I have a way to go on the girls nerves here and there. Luckily she falls for the “Ring” trick, meaning, she picks it up and stares into it. Big mistake.

Entranced and “zoned out” she is now ready to be placed into the zombie pose for more programming. After long and slow repetitions of, please command me master, it is now time for her to show us her feet before she is ordered to belly dance for us. Of course that is all just warm up. After some orgasm training (while she is made to feel tied to the bed post) our little girl is put to sleep so that we can inspect her feet, tits and eyes. poor thing wakes up with no strength in her body (unable to move) and it looks like there is nothing she can do about me…

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