Hypnolust – Mia Vallis – Clip Two

Horny ragdoll

Uninhibited surrender

This next segment already leaves no doubt that Mia is completely under control and that her body responds to my programming like a charm. Here we make her feel either heavy and immobilized while not only messing with her helpless body but also driving her up the wall for lust. Of course we also get to enjoy watching her beautifully rounded body go into intense lustful convulsions while her hands claw into the couch as if she was holding on for the ride of her life. She keeps screaming “good little girl” and it is obvious how much she wants to please and obey.

I cannot describe the intensity of her orgasms and or her completely zoned out stares while she mindlessly masturbates herself into oblivion. This one features lot’s of stares, convulsive orgasms, ragdoll/limp play while making her cum over and over, neck brace, eye checks and more. The moment I checked out her pussy, I could feel that…

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