Hypnolust – Stephanie’s Clip VII

Yes you are my husband

No clue how I did it but it seems like I fixed her after her last malfunction. The only problem now was that she seemed to believe that I was her husband. I have to say though if that is the way she behaves every day when he comes home, he must be the luckiest guy around. All she seemed to be interested in was to please him. I know I should have left right then and there but again it was way too tempting to stay and enjoy the show.

The way she played with herself and offered her beautiful body to me was just too much. I think that was the moment when I decided to get myself one of those beautiful fembots. I should have known that when her head started twitching again that my luck was about to run out but as we all know the flesh is weak. Sure enough she went through another one of those nasty episodes and it got even worse after that.




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