The second half of my shoot with Porsha & Heather. This shoot has some great moments, both girls are gorgeous and Porsha especially responds brilliantly to training.

There are a few scenes in this video that really highlight how receptive the girls are to my powers of mesmerisation, at one point the girl’s brains shrink so much that one of them starts drooling and giggling stupidly, later on they both make delightful puppets, and later on the pair of them make for some very sexy camgirls.

Part Two Contents
Guys in girl’s bodies
Checking out their reflections
Attracted then repulsed
Slow Motion Kissing
Dancing socks
Great Attitude! (Terrible Singer)
Horrendous Attitude (Great Singer!)
Growing / Shrinking Breasts
Growing Tongues
Shrinking brains
Drooling dummy
Cave Women
Cave Women
Foot fetishists
Poseable Mannequins
Robot Mannequins Remote Control
Ventriloquist & Dummy
Feminists / Camgirls
Closing Induction
Closing Chat

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  • How long would it take to reupload (if you can) any of the older disabled entrancement videos on this website like the Natalie and Bex one? Just curious.

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      i am not sure we would be able to re-upload old video or not, definitely in the near future we wouldn’t because we are terribly busy