My master commands me

As mentioned, our girl has a beautiful ass which makes me decide to have her masturbate with her ass and feet up in the air before making her cum on my count of three. I tell you guys, watching her beautiful body go into lustful convulsions is definitely hot and well worth watching. It gets even more intense when she feels my hand touching the “orgasm spot” on the bottom of her sensitive feet. She keeps screaming, I am my master’s well trained slave.

Enough of the warm up. Time to watch her crawl in circles while slowly repeating, “my master commands me.” Want more? How about the “bend over ass out masturbation and orgasm training before being put to sleep while screaming and begging. Want even more? How about some limp body manipulation, eye checks and some intense mind removal (stare into the rotating light) while slowly repeating, “I am mindlessly entranced master (mantra).

Still want more? How about some intense (kneeling) masturbation while… I am cuming for you Master. More limp play and lifts.

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