Entrancement UK – Darcy 2 – Robotized

Darcy’s a cute and enthusiastic 22 year old with a fembot / dollification kink. She’s a *teensy* bit of a ditz though, so when it comes to following mesmeric suggestion, I didn’t always get the results I was looking for.

She’s been under before, but assumed last time round that it was fantasy, as she thought things like the command to “Wave” would have her hand wave by itself, as opposed to making her feel like she wanted to wave her hand. I tried to explain the differences between lighter “I’m happy to follow suggestion” trances and deeper “I’m following suggestion and can’t help myself!” trances, but I’m not sure how well I managed to describe it.

Tricky to say how deep she goes. She told me that the tired suggestion had her genuinely yawning, and pleasure control suggestions seemed to have the desired effect as well, but we have very different definitions of “Blank”. I tend to mean for subjects to feel emotionless and empty when they’re blank, Darcy would grin like a dolly, smile politely and follow my actions. I also noticed some of the commands to be frozen were only adhered to for as long as the camera was focused on her face.

It might be I was overcomplicating things by giving 2 or 3 step suggestions and I should have just been more direct with simpler orders.

Still, she’s a very cute lady, she loves being a doll and a robot, so if you don’t mind that she doesn’t feel *classically* entranced, check her out.

00:10 Darcy Rosa Returns!
00:25 Past Experiences with Trance
02:30 Her Robot Girlfriend YouTube Channel
05:00 Darcy wonders if she’s a simulation…
05:50 Practice Self Trigger (Pre-Trance)
06:06 Induction: Blank, Robotic, Controllable
20:00 Memory Access: Denied
23:30 Compliments Sound Like Insults
26:50 Five Finger Countdown to Rest
31:00 Frozen Selfie (Confusion. Forgets to Freeze)
32:40 Frozen Selfie Insistence
33:40 Frozen Darcy RePosing & Flyaround
36:00 Spiral Flick Induction
40:00 Poseable Sex Doll
41:30 Snap into Position (Only seems to cause confusion.)
42:15 Seems to be looking for direction more than obeying…
43:15 Making her flop
44:00 Frozen Poseable
47:00 “I am a Robot Sex Doll”
51:00 Enhancing her Robotic Feelings
53:00 Installing Remote Control
54:00 Dance Modes: Podium & Club
55:00 Freeze Trigger
56:00 Dance Mode: StripTease
58:30 RePosing the Frozen StripperDoll
1:00:00 Art Nude / Heroic / Captive Pose Modes
1:05:00 Sex Machine Mode
1:09:00 Bimbo Mode
1:10:00 Slut Mode
1:17:50 Adjustable Pleasure Levels
1:22:00 Enhanced Arousal when caressed
1:24:50 Orgasm on Command

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