Jasmin was a lovely girl to work with, slim, sexy, submissive, and very keen to be trained conditioned and controlled. She went under and accepted commands very easily, and was more than willing to do anything we suggested to her.

Naked in the garden? Absolutely!

Forget your name? “Okay Master, it’s gone!”

Whilst some girls would resist or analyse the situation they found themselves in, Jasmin took pretty much everything in her stride. Great if you’re looking for a submissive slave slut, though perhaps not what you’re after if you were looking for if you wanted to watch enforced submission over time.

A good shoot with a gorgeous lady.

Sleep Trigger
Want to be a slavegirl
Yes Master responses
Eyes open, mind blank
“My name is Slavegirl”
Floating hands stuck in the air
“Master Says”
Unfamiliar Reflection
Feels treasured and gorgeous
Captivated by her own reflection
Mindless poseable doll
Sex Doll
Posing on command
Wakes feeling bratty and argumentative
Thinks her neighbours have tied her up
Mind sucked into the pendant
Nude in the garden
Nude Garden Statue
Wakes up nude outdoors
Mid session interview & chat
Outfit change
Frozen Slavegirl, ready for use
Can’t control her hands
“I am a slavegirl, I live to serve” mantra
My name is slut
Turned on whilst posing
Wants to go upstairs and misbehave
Closing trance
Closing interview

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