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Hypnolust – Christy Mack (clip4)

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Hypnolust – Christy Mack (Clip3)

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Hypnolust – Christy Mack (Clip 2)

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Hypnolust – Christy Mack (Clip 1)

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Christy Mack, extremely sexual, perfectly rounded bombshell with long black hair is certainly a wild one and playing with her was just as exciting as playing with a wild Jaguar. Being wild and untame...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Robot Clip 2)

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Blowjobs anyone? In the last segment, I got my little strippers to make love, dance and even pass the orgasm test but all of a sudden Amanda started to go bananas again. Here we go again, Michelle s...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Robot Clip 1)

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No more Blowjobs At first I thought it was just another repair job but when I saw her just sitting there repeating: "No more blowjobs" over and over, I could not help but wonder whether this was mor...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 13)

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Step thirteen Frozen, lovemaking, apologetic, tickled, mindless and reluctant Bikini models. I tried to cramp everything that is going on in this last segment into the title but it did not work. Why...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 12)

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Step twelve What do you mean by obedient Robots, that's crazy The girls wake up, feeling very confused and even more apologetic about the fact that they are on the floor with their fingers in each...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 11)

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Step eleven Toys for boys eighteen and up This next segment is a great example how a combination of short term amnesia and P. H. suggestions can easily turn even the most doubtful young girls into...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 10)

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Step Ten Lunchroom transformation completed Although it seems that our, by now oversexed test subjects have nothing else on their minds (I am using the word "minds" loosely here) than making love ...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 9)

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nine The Lunchroom of transformation As you all know, we like to conduct experiments, strictly in the name of science of course, here at our Robolust institute. Today we are testing a new lunchroo...

Michelle & Amanda (Clip 8)

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Step eight Two roommates entranced and used First the still deeply entranced Michelle gets a chance to let Amanda have some of her own medicine or I should say, let Amanda have some of her wet pus...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 7)

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Step seven Reluctant Roommate, entranced and used Amanda surprises her sexy new roommate, who is just about ready to go to sleep, and suddenly starts to come on to her. Michelle tries to let her k...

Michelle & Amanda (Clip 6)

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step six Trained to be a couple of perfect love slaves I feel what you tell me to feel master, I am a mindless shell In this segment the girls learn what it means to be a perfect love slaves and ...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 5)

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step five Learn to make mindless love to each other and please your master This next segment is short but very sweet and sensual. This one is for everybody who loves to watch a couple of young gir...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 4)

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step four Getting to feel the power of the open eyed mind removal Waving my hand in front of your empty eyes I think you all agree that it is time to take a closer look at the girl's beautiful yo...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 3)

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step three Getting to know the other girl's wet pussy I let go of all mind and will, the first mantra to bliss Now it is time to not only make the girls touch and play with each other's wet pussi...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 2)

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step Two Being horny and excited makes you a better subject Letting go of all control is the first step to bliss After a nice long induction it is now time to get my two beauties horny and very e...

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